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Fights of the Century

When the money’s on the line, it’s time for the stars to shine.  The gloves are off, and it’s an all-out brawl.  Only the strongest will survive, and the weakest will go home – bloodied, bruised, and shamefully humiliated.  I’ve pitted the best of the best against each other, and the forecast calls for pain.  BIG pain!

Vince Neil vs. Vince Young

One’s a rock-and-roll icon, the other’s an upstart football phemon.  This battle’s outcome gains the winner sole property of the name “Vince.”  Young has the physical edge, what with being a super-ripped athlete, but Neil brings the crowd and knows how to rock an arena.  Refereed by, of course, Vince McMahon, this fight promises hard-hitting punches and a killer soundtrack.

B_$‘s Winner: Vince Young – Young comes in hard and fast with a relentless offensive attack while a semi-comatose Neil screams like a woman (on pitch, if you believe it).  When the dust clears, the Titan of the Titans stands atop a fully-comatose, rocked-the-fuck-out Neil, who will need many appointments with Dr. Feel-Good to get back on his feet.

JBot’s Winner: Vince Neil – I’m basing this decision solely on the fact that if Vince Neil isn’t dead yet, nothing can kill him. I predict he will show up to the fight with blonde hair fully feathered. An awe-struck Young will have no recourse and be taken back by the retro/overweight style of Neil only to end up on the receiving end of a microphone stand to the cranium. As the fight draws to an end, Young can be overhead saying, “Who is that guy? No, seriously, I’ve never heard of him.”

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