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What your vehicle says about you:

I have one simple rule for buying a vehicle: if you can insert the word “anal” in front of your vehicle and the outcome is less than desirable, you probably shouldn’t own it. We’ll take a look at some of the more “interesting” offenders of this rule.

Nissan: Anal Rouge

The Nissan Rouge; new for 2008. Nothing screams “I have a sense of adventure; mostly for new and exciting objects to be inserted in my rectum” quite like the Rouge. Not only will your friends be mortified by your strange fantasies, but by purchasing this, you can say goodbye to any chance you have of ever going camping with your friends again.

Dodge: Anal RAM

The Dodge Ram: A longstanding tradition in the line of big things from Dodge, the Ram clearly states your position in this world as someone who prefers a blunt, no-nonsense approach. This, in turn, should caution your friends to rethink that offer you gave them to “climb on in.”

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