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JBot and B_$ review the top Man vs. Animal movie scenes

Modern cinema has given us some fine memories over the years, arguably none more successful and ambitious as the Man vs. Animal theme, which embodies the lifelong struggle between man and beast. We’ll examine a few of the best executed examples of this.

Almost Heroes – Chris Farley vs. Eagle

JBot: Chris Farley teaches all of use an important lesson here: if you’re going to climb up a tree and steal eagle eggs, carry a gun. That is why man invented the gun, to prove our superiority to animals; in the form a bullet. Although I DO believe Chris’s reaction to the soaring eagle DOES ultimately help the situation. On a side note, I’ve got a strange craving for eagle now.

B_$: Possibly the greatest moment in surprised-face movie history, Chris Farley proves beyond a doubt why it is hilarious when an overweight man changes emotion rapidly. Then, following the rule of three, the gag is repeated twice, resulting in immeasurable awesomeness. Then I, also following the rule of three, punched myself in the dick three times in a spasm of laughter, resulting in immeasurable pain. Outcome: completely worth it.

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