Unfortunately Named College Organizations

Southern Illinois: Dance Squad


After a highly successful season, which resulted in a conference championship and an invite to nations, the Southern Illinois Dance Squad was eager to begin funding for the next season. A line of t-shirts was hastily printed and marketed. Not realizing the minor oversight until the printing had occurred, the dance team had no choice but to sell them, facing a unbearable dent in their funding.

Ball State: Academic Innovation Narrative


Supporting the student voice, the Ball State Academic Innovation Narrative aimed to increase their funding for an awareness banquet. Due to a printing error, a single space was left out of the design. Instead of insisting on a reorder of the shirts, the club accepted them at a highly discounted and, ironically enough, posted record sales.

Southern Arkansas: Racquet Sports


A highly anticipated campus event, the Southern Arkansas Racquet Sports club hosted a tennis and racquetball tournament over a weeks span. Looking to further promote their event, t-shirts were drafted up and printed when the executive board was in a state of flux. Due to this, a proper review never occurred and the now legendary shirts are a rare find around the university.

The Hartford Energy Reduction Program


An extremely noble and visionary group out of out of Hartford University, the Energy Reduction Program promoted the conservation of energy and natural resources. Although the first editions of these shirts were purely accidental, the group has since embraced the motto “conservation is contagious” and tripled their enrollment numbers.

Campus Life: ITT Tech


Known for their strong mechanical and engineering skills, the design for ITT-Tech’s Campus Life committee lacked the necessary design skills to properly produce a logo, so they turned the responsibility over to an employee of a discount silk screen shop. The employee, a 17 year old high school student, had been fired earlier that day and was finishing out the week. After leaking one or two of the shirts, the committee’s reputation had been permanently changed.

University of Florida: Information Science and Technology Extracurricular Research


This was intentional.


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  1. Hahaha, the mental powers of Jeff and Ben never cease to amaze me.

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